Australia’s unhealthy fear of ‘boat people’

Really worth watching – About ‘boat people’, by a ‘boat person’. Note to self: Buy ‘The Frightened Country’.


5 thoughts on “Australia’s unhealthy fear of ‘boat people’

  1. Really, really good cause that is thoroughly researched and well written. Well done! Maybe you should follow Tony Abbott on twitter I’m sure he’d love to hear what you have to say 😛 Definitely an ‘influencer’ right there that you can connect with.

  2. When does moral panic stop? With the media, the politicians or the people? Australians embrace multiculturalism together but when it comes to the boat people a different issue emerges, and this issue should be carefully dealt with by all of us. I only know a bit about this political issue, but as a humanitarian I feel the need to read more about it.Thanks for the info,

  3. This is a great campaign, it’s sobering to realise that more than 90% of these people arriving by boat are legitimate refugees. It’s not like they’re coming here to take our jobs, they’re fleeing from countries stricken by war and poverty. I don’t really understand how we can take a look at facts and figures like that and determine that we should turn them away or send them to countries where the living conditions are similar or worse to those from which they came. Keep up the good work!

    • Exactly! They’re not country-shopping for the best climate, they’re just trying to find somewhere that they won’t be killed. I think a lack of education is the main issue – if people understood what the actual situation, things might be different. You keep up the good work too. Love hating on mainstream media ha!

  4. As a International student, I have notice the mainstream media attacking asylum seekers and the constant argument of immigration and ‘boat people’. Great video and blog to start this initiative.

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