Australia’s attitude.

After much research, searching tags and keywords and deliberating over the blasphemy that is mainstream news, I constantly find myself asking why Australia’s attitude is the way it is. Of course I acknowledge that each individual has a different point of view and rationale for their opinion, but again and again I see a very hostile attitude towards refugees and those less fortunate than us. I find this incredibly ironic in a country where many of those who would call themselves Australian are here due to the fact that their ancestors arrived by (drumroll please) none other than the much hated boat.

Why are those fleeing war, rape and torture today seen to be criminals, whilst as a fellow blogger pointed out, those escaping the Nazis in WWII were seen as heroic? (

And where does the sense of entitlement rife in so many Australians come from?

I for one do not believe I deserve any privilege more than any other human being in this world. I don’t understand the thinking that because I was lucky enough to be born in a safe, free country, I somehow deserve more than those who weren’t. Shouldn’t we, the fortunate, be responsible for providing aid, understanding and compassion to those who are less fortunate? Why do we greet those who have experienced more trauma than most Australians could possibly imagine with more trauma and hostility?

#ROCKTHEBOAT and replace hostility with compassion, and hatred with education.

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5 thoughts on “Australia’s attitude.

  1. sarina says:

    That last sentence really sums it up!
    I think the term ‘boat people’ is pretty derogatory and the fact that mainstream media use it and ‘legitamise’ is part of the problem. ‘Boat people’ has been assigned to those who ‘bother’ us with their ‘unwanted arrival’, it has been reduced to a connotation of invasion. Unfortunately I think even ‘asylum seekers’, although perhaps a more accurate/fair description, is tainted with all sorts of negative connotations – again, thanks in large part to mainstream media.

    • It’s unfortunate, isn’t it?! Sadly I think mainstream media will always sensationalise and dehumanise – whatever will get ratings! Perhaps the most ridiculous part of it all is the fact that most of us ‘Australians’ are ‘boat people’ too. My grandparents came here from the Netherlands via boat after WWII, hoping to give their children a better life – that was seen as brave and respectable (which it is) but somehow now it is seen as a crime? I just struggle to see the sense in it! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. We Give A Damn says:

    At the end of the day, people are people, and the fact that the media and the government demonise them with labels such as ‘boat people’ is sickening. Your point about Australians having a ‘sense of entitlement’ is something that could not be put any better, as they complain that these people will be detrimental to their communities, when they themselves have never done anything to benefit the said community.

    The kind of bigotry that you are speaking about is definitely a game for the old Australia. It is time for Australia’s youth to stand up and change this.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s beyond ridiculous that we can’t seem to move forward as a country to be more accepting and understanding and less asshole-ish. And you’re right – it’s often the people who give the least that have the ridiculous sense of entitlement – ah, the bogan mindset. Thanks a million for your comment!

  3. I love this blog. I am outraged by some of my fellow Australian’s opinions on boat people. We have no right to be turning innocent people away. I completely agree with “We Give a Damn’s” comment. Australians do have a “sense of entitlement” that is unwarranted.

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